Thursday, May 29, 2008


Classic LOVE STORIES of my era...

in the end both died.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO dies due to cold water

Aamir commits suicide as Juhi dies of a gun both dies..

and my friends asks me " NIRMAL, WHY DONT YOU FALL IN LOVE"..

Monday, May 26, 2008


I believe in KARMA....

I have heard it thousand times from hundreds of filmstars,industrialist,proffesionals etc.

but I never understood it....What is KARMA?..

The word seems very simple (a five letter word), but it sounds so complicated....KARMA...

So can You guys explain it to Me ...

What does one mean when he says " I believe in KARMA"

Friday, May 23, 2008


BUSINESS and GALS are similar to each other...

--> when they are with some other person, we want them badly....

--> when they cum to our possession we want to get rid of them badly...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



no wonder I love to marry PENELOPE CRUZ than AISHWARYA RAI

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It was not a normal day for Rohit.Finished his meeting by 11.00.He was tired.He was weak.His mind was not in his office.It was somewhere outside.But work pressure and some new projects brought him here.
"Suzzane, can u get me a cup of coffee."
"Sure Sir."
She was looking ravishing that day. White top hiding breast which could have given any Greek goddess a complex and tight black skirt on perfectly curved buttocks. A cute face with smile on it and pair of eyes which could make any normal person a poet. No boss could have asked for a better secretary.
"Sir here's your coffee"
"Thanks Suzzane. And you looking great today"
"Thanks Sir."
"Sir, can i ask you something"
"Whats bothering you these days.You seems to be quite restless."
"You know what Priya is going through.I want to be with her.But work keeps me here all the time.Last two nights i couldn't talk to her.Reached home after she slept and leaves before she wakes up.She's afraid.Even i am."
"Sir everything will be fine.Have faith in God."
He started checking his mails.Suzzane started preparing for next meeting which was scheduled for 1.00pm.
Tring Tring
Suzzane picked it up.After having a small conversation she hanged up and turned towards Rohit.By sensing her eyes he knew something was wrong.
"Whats the matter"
"Sir,Priya Madam is admitted in Hinduja Hospital.The call was from your dad."
"Oh my God.I am leaving now.And cancel all my meetings for a week"
"OK Sir."
Rohit hopped into his Safari.Hinduja Hospital was like 20 min from his work place.
"Why did i leave her alone today"
"I hope every thing's fine"
He tried hard to concentrate on road.Tears,anxiousness made it really difficult.
Finally he reached hospital.Parked his car and ran towards receptionist.
"Priya Sharma"
"Third floor"
He ran.He climbed three steps at a time.In 3rd floor he searched for his father.
"Nurse can you please tell me where's Priya sharma"
"Room 303" and pointed her finger towards his dad.
He sprinted.
"Dad hows she"
"Shes inside operation theater."
"Anything serious."
"Everything will be fine beta".
Just then a nurse came out of the theater and asked.
"Mr Sharma"
"Congrats its a girl."
A drop of salt water dripped down his eyes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

unlucky WIFE..

if DIAMONDS are said to be BEST FRIEND of WOMEN, then my WIFE will be without FRIENDS..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

HOSTEL - the EDUCATION centre..

i just heard from one aunty that kids gets into bad habits if they stay in HOSTEL..
so untrue..
infact i must say kids learn a lot by living in a hostel...
as i myself stayed in hostel for 4 years i will pen down things that are comman in hostel and what kids learn from it....

--> u miss ur family and home ( family love)
--> sometimes one get really bad food in canteen, but still you will have to eat as thers no other option (survive in any damn condition)
--> you will get students from all part of INDIA. infact HOSTEL itself can be termed as a country (brotherhood)
--> u will find guys talking to their girl friends late at night sitting at stairs (communication skills)
--> you can feel fresh without taking bath for 2-3 days (water management)
--> on excited days we used to leave our room partners alone with some cds and a computer (co-operation)
--> we used to discuss about every damn thing sitting in a room...from movies to bitchy gals..(power of speech)
--> every single guys suffers from financial crisis and somehow he manges to get aid ( from friends or by lying at home) (stand up from economic trouble)
--> the guys who has been to ladies hostel are considered as lucky chap (pride)
--> tournaments (cricket or football) are considered as war (sportsman spirit)
--> no one sleeps before 2 am (to utilize every single sec of life)
--> many skips first few lectures (how to work without affecting your health (sleep))
--> exam time no one sleeps (work pressure)
--> many fails or gets ATKTs ( failures in life)
--> next time clears 7-8 papers together ( sucess)
--> new girl friends or heart breaks are celebrated with beers (be happy no matter what)
--> many many many sex tips and sex talks by experienced gurus (sex education)

leaving gender all other things are same in girl hostels..
so tell me whats wrong in hostels??????

Sunday, May 4, 2008

its ME

Why did you join ENGINEERING?

i was standing there with mike in my hand... many eyes on me and ears waiting to hear my answer..

Will you join my BUSINESS?

i still remeber i was in 8th grade when my dad poped this question on me..

i said NO straight way. why. i dont know ...might be because i never saw my family going for a holiday as business needs time....i dint want same life of my dad..

that was last time when my dad asked me that question.

then my family brought in the word ENGINEERING in my life...

scored quite well in 10th into science college...

did well in into ENGINEERING college....

it was my freshers party when this question was asked by my seniors..

Why did you join ENGINEERING?

i was standing there ... with mike in my hand... many eyes on me and ears waiting to hear my answer...

i gave some witty answer and i won best fresher award....

but this is one question where i remain numb....completely numb..

its not i hate this field or i did ENGINEERING for my parents...

i did it because i dint have any dream of my own...i try to give my best shot always and thus became an ENGINEER without flunking....

Why did you take Mechanical ENGINEERING as your field?

my interviewer asked.

"i love automobiles..bikes car etc...tats why took this field sir"

he was impressed and gave me job...but i wasnt..i was lying....

i never changed my decisions..i said no to my father's business, never ever in my life i felt i did wrong. i said no to MBA and i dont regret it.i njoyed 6 months after my degree and i am proud of it.

my friends say they are intrested in advertising field,robotics ,music etc and they are pursuing their carrer in that.but i dont have any such likings i guess..

and now i am planning to go for my masters degree in US by this year...

why?? dont know...

people say where there is a will there is a way

for me its where there is a way there is a will