Saturday, February 27, 2010

I miss Sridevi and Madhuri...

Time to have some actors/actress in Bollywood then models.....

Be it Katrina or Deepika all are good looking but zero acting skills, and the sad part is even after working for sometime in front of camera they haven't gained it.

I miss yesterday's actress where they used to act and at the same time look sexy too..(cant forget dhak dhak karne laga and katte nahi kat thi yeh din yeh raat..)..

My dad njoyed them and maybe my son will njoy some (if some actress are born)..

But about me, meri jawani toh bekar hi reh gayi..(**my youthfulness went wasted*)

Friday, February 12, 2010

FOOL proof..

Calling someone fool is no longer termed as cool. coz when u call someone a fool, u automatically become a fool for him/her.

This is because one becomes fool for us when he/she does not share the same ideology as ours. As they dont share ours, it is quite natural that we are not sharing theirs. Hence we are fool for them.