Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Star Gone missing...

A kid heard stories about a beautiful star in the sky,
Stories about the star from his mom,
He loved that star so much, that the star became a part of his family,
One day in the evening,
His friend told him about a falling star,
And said,"I think the star your mom talks about is no longer there",
In his whole life, he never saw that star, never spoke with her, never felt her,
Just heard about her,
He knows he will miss that star forever,
No matter the stars still present in the sky.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beauty Crown or Cinema----It's all the same


lots of Indian Beauty won Miss Universe/World/Earth crown. Why did it happen all of a sudden? Was there no ladies with beauties and brain before that (even after that).

Lot of Indian movies got recognition in foreign land (read Hollywood). Nomination in Oscars to everything else. What happened all of a sudden? Also a movie winning Oscars made on Mumbai. Were there no better Indian cinema than what we are watching these days.

The answer to all these questions are very simple. It's all about BUSINESS.

1999-2000: Period when many beauty related companies arrived in India

2000-present Period when many Hollywood production companies are investing on Indian Cinema.