Monday, June 30, 2008

RAINY season..

well this is one of the season i hate......but today i will be writing some good things bout this season....

--> one can reach office late and complain that " Sir, its raining like hell out there. So trains are running late".

--> all kids are happy. I dont know why, but they are.

--> its second lazy season after WINTER. Yup u can sleep and sleep and sleep (alone...huh).

--> u can share ur umbrella with some hotty if shes not carrying one. but it hardly happens (infact only in movies). most of the times i can see guys running for a cover and gals walking with umbrella (no humanity).

--> wet gals r sexy.(no explaination here).

--> BUTTA (corn) hmm..yummy.

its said HEALTH is WEALTH. I was on the verge of bankruptcy.Tats the reason y i was out for sometime.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tagged by SOLITAIRE...

10 secrets of me which u guys dont know....

--> i have this huge fear of cutting my nails. I have this feeling that i would bleed to death if i make a slight mistake while cutting it. I usually take full half an hr to finish that work. Pedicure and manicure r like bombs 4 me.Anyone doing that 4 me will be the last thing in my life. I dont trust anyone with that.

-->When i was a kid, I used to cry a lot when mom/dad used to put soap on my face while taking a bath. I used to ask them to swear before entering bathroom but they always cheated me. Even now they fear that i dont do it . But i do.

-->I dont believe in FORGIVE and FORGET. One who messes up with me will never get my friendly gestures all through out the life.

-->I dont like when people dont trust me with stuffs. Questions like Did you really do it?, Can I trust you ?, Give me proof? drives me crazy. Later on these are the people who term me as Lazy. Because i never do their work again.

-->I hardly say No to anybody. But once I do it , no one can change it.

--> Out of the 10 times I rode a bike, 3 times i have met with an accident. Last time I rode it, my hands and legs where trembling. So Bike is a NO NO for me.

--> I can never stay alone. I always want people around me.

It's not i m afraid of something, but i want someone to laugh with me.

-->I flirt with gals unintentionally. Most of the time I keep on saying it in my mind " Dont flirt , please dont flirt". But after the end of the conversation gals say " U are a Big flirt".Many a times i have been in trouble too because of that.

cant remember 2 more secrets of mine......

will do it when i get it...


ask what u want to know....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the COMPLETE story

KIDS are made in BEDROOMS
FIGHTS are made in MINDS
This is the complete story.
People tells you only the MARRIAGE part

Thursday, June 12, 2008

all bout ME..

Tag time......from CHAKOLI...

I am : who I am.

I think : about economy, elections, stars, planet....ok ok..i hardly think

I know: SEX has got a different meaning (gender)

I want : more and more friends

I have : everything that a beggar would desire and nothing that a billionaire has.

I wish : nothing, I only command.

I hate :Brothers and Father of beautiful gals.

I miss :my unemployed days.

I fear : whats this???

I feel : its time to get a hair-cut.

I hear :whatever my ears want me to record.

I smell: delicious FISH curry

I crave: for innocence

I search: for single gals

I wonder:how every second gal i come through are committed.

I regret: nothing

I ache:or act like one for a leave.

I m not:a boy next door. I want to be inside yours.

I believe:what i want to believe.otherwise its just a BULLSHIT

I dance:with my MOM

I sing:to irritate my MOM

I cry:so that in future I might get a chance to act in a KARAN JOHAR movie.

I don’t always:say truth. sometimes for a change I lie

I fight:with small gals in my building and reach home BRUISED.

I write:useless, meaningless and worthless things.

I win:others confidence

I lose: never

I never: hurt anybody

I always: wanted to be single.

I confuse: myself

I listen : to my HEARTBEAT. it never stops.

I can usually be found: on my bed.yup I am ROMANTIC too.

I m scared: of cockroaches.

I need:an OMEGA watch

I am happy about:everything in my LIFE

I imagine: of meeting my BLOGGER FRIENDS atleast ONCE.

I tag: everyone who reads it and also one who doesnt.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Cmon u should try, its heavenly feeling"
"No, ME in love is IMPOSSIBLE"
heheheheh " U know what, IMPOSSIBLE says I M POSSIBLE"
"No No NO.."
"Dont act like a kid know. I dont know why are u skeptical about LOVE, its IMMORTAL"


my busy phase came to an end....

and for a change.....i have lots of time now...

so back to internet and BLOGGING......

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok i got some time now so i thought will finish with this tag by swati..

10 things ...

i miss now...
--> walking naked at home which i used to do 15 years back..( i was allergic to clothes then)
--> my hostel life...(thers a whole post for it)
--> asking money from my dad...not done tat for past 5 months....(trust me i work)
--> partying with my friends.. (used to that when i was in hostel...every nite)
--> sitting on my mom dad's lap ...(they complain of pain...i guess they dont love me anymore)..
--> travelling in ladies compartment..(i really miss this one)..
--> sitting in bhandup station for hrs and hrs..(used to do it during my college days)
--> gals kissing me..(when i ask them now they gimme a weird look...does love fade after few decades)..
--> playing marbles..(dad says that doesnt suit an engineer)....
--> my adolescence......(no comments)..

I wish to achieve in next decade...
--> have a home in two continents...(India and US)..
--> SUV's and sports car....
--> start my own business..(on any damn thing)..
--> have a fridge full of beers..(thats 4 my dad..that was his dream when he was of my age)..
--> fall in love...ok i mean rise in love...
--> some seriousness which i lack to the core..
--> to make some good friends while be in touch with the present ones..
--> understand FINANCE....
--> watch a CRICKET WORLD CUP FINAL in stadium..
--> own a FORMULA 1 TEAM..(that after 2-3 decades)..

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Something worst happened in my life......

a thing which never happened in my entire life....and a thing which should have never happened.....

My LIFE became BUSY.....

But no tension, i can change my life in few days....

so gals dont worry and dont miss me.......and boys dare you go near them...