Thursday, November 15, 2012


I really feel sad when I see people do not cherish the things which cannot be measured by mere number, money, day, night . One of the that thing being spending some happy moments with our dear ones. But like a dog running behind cars, we prefer spending time in bars, pubs, movie theaters or just window shopping. Forgetting these things will be around many years from now or in any part of the place called Universe. But one will not find a family anywhere except at the place called home. It is sad that some time back I was the same too. But almost 5 years away from home taught me this lesson in a bitter way. People tend to spend a New Years eve drinking and partying, while wishing our dear ones wait till its too late.

This is the reason why people abroad celebrate more festivals then the ones back home. Someone said "Lear from your own mistake". But i would prefer learn from others too. It is free, use it (just proved I am an Indian).

Happy Diwali